Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Mandala is the Sanskrit word meaning circle. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Mandalas are visual tools used in meditation to focus the mind. I began to explore mandalas in a visual sense after practising pranayama in a Yoga class. Pranayama is one of 3 aspects of Hatha Yoga. The postures or asanas are aimed at releasing tension in the physical body. Pranayamas are breathing techniques which aim to release mental and emotional tension from the body so that Prana (life force) can flow through the body.

The first Mandalas manifested as flags, painted, quilted and appliqued circular and spiral forms on fabric. For my show Third Eye Flowering, I made a series of 3 copper Mandalas.With these relief sculptures, I wanted to explore the idea of dense focus in the centre with expansiveness towards the circumference. I also wanted to reference the concept of the 4 direction from Native Spirituality and the equal arm cross. The materials used were copper sheet and recycled copper wire.

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Mariangel Olivares said...

Galería de Arte
Mariangel Olivares Herrera

Park Mandala for land in the Valle de Elqui Chile

The Painter Mariangel Olivares Herrera makes an open invitation to all artists and friends on the planet to create a mandala for environmental protection. The project is to develop an open art space dedicated to land, the original proposal are sculptural Mandala referring to a nature without threats and a planet clean of pollutants.
The works were exposed on a permanent basis in a public space outdoors, with a reference to the author, on the farm of the Artist located in the Valle de Elqui Chile
The theme is free, the materials used can not contain contaminants, if recycled elements, the minimum size is 70 cm, not necessarily must be circular.
The date of this assembly of works from November 15, 2008, the park was opened in December 2008.
Ubica 17 plot the Arrayán Valle de Elqui Chile
Mail Postal Mail Box 889 La Serena
More details Mariangel Olivares Herrera
09 3342785