Friday, 12 March 2010

Costumed Self Portrait Series - She Rib

Sometime around 1999 I created She Rib, one of the last of the wire costumes. Again I used galvanised wire in gauges from 16 to 22. I also included little silver sequins and a central piece, a human heart made from earthenware clay. The costume took the form of a corset or piece of body armour.

I was born with a hole in my heart (Ventricular septal defect) which was surgically corrected when I was 5 years old. The surgery involved cutting open my sternum, placing me on a heart-lung machine and then stitching a Gore-tex patch over the hole that was between the 2 ventricles.

The first photo was taken on colour negative film, printed as a 4 x 6 inch print, dyed with colorvir dyes and then stitched and appliqued with sequins. The second image was taken before the clay was fired and the heart was attached to the front of the corset.

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