Monday, 17 November 2014

Ikebana proportions as a starting point for more Wall Vases

This is my latest collection of wall vases.  These are made around a plastic test tube that can be taken out and cleaned. Large and small anthuriums made from either copper or brass sheet wrap around the test tube and create an interesting contrast with fresh flowers or leaves.

Most of these new vases have been inspired by the proportions of Ikebana flower arrangement. Now I have not personally studied this art form but a friend who practises it, suggested that I look into these proportions when arranging the 3 copper flowers around the plastic test tube.

Ikebana comes out of the Buddhist practice. The flower arrangements employ 3 lines as the basis of the design - the longest line, Ten meaning Heaven, the mid length line Jin, meaning human and the shortest line Chi meaning earth. The length of these lines follow a ratio of 1 : 1.6 in relation to the vase and each other.

These wall vases are available at Con Brio, Paper Based and Rainy Days.

Large and small copper anthuriums with bourganvilla 

Large and small copper anthuriums with fresh anthurium

Copper anthuriums and fern with bourganvilla

Copper anthuriums and fern with fresh anthurium

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