Monday, 7 July 2014

The Copper Anthurium Collection - Flowers and Napkin Rings

These new pieces are now available at the retail outlets Con Brio, Paper Based Bookshop and Rainy Days - see the sidebar for their locations and phone contacts.

Large and Small Anthuriums.
These flowers are made from sheet copper and recycled wire with handmade copper beads embellishing the stamen. They come in 3 different sizes - small, large round and large long.

Large and Small Anthuriums

Large Round Anthurium

Large Long Anthurium

Napkin Rings
Another design using the copper anthurium theme is the napkin ring. This is one way to dress up your dining table. They are made from the small flowers, though I have and can make them with the larger flowers as well.

Copper Napkin Rings Detail

Napkin Rings on Cloth Napkins

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