Friday, 27 June 2014

The Aluminum Anthurium Collection - Flowers, Napkin Rings and Multi-purpose Hooks

These new pieces are available at Con Brio on Kavanagh Street,  Paper Based Bookshop in the Normandie Hotel and Rainy Days Gift Shop in Ellerslie Plaza.

The Aluminum Anthuriums were the first that I made and I made them in copper and brass after. I continue to make the flowers in small, large round and large long.

Lots of Large and Small Flowers in a Bucket

Large and Small Flowers in a Bud Vase

Large and Round Anthurium in a Bud Vase

Large and Long Anthurium in a Bud Vase

Small Anthurium Napkin Rings
Also available are napkin rings made from the small flowers. They are a great wedding gift and really dress up your dining table.

Napkin Rings Close Up

Napkin Rings with Cloth Napkins

Multi -Purpose Hooks
These hooks are multi-functional. You can hang tea towels, light clothes, keys or jewelry necklaces and earrings on them.

Multi-purpose hook

Multi-purpose hook

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