Monday, 22 October 2012

Christmas Collection 2012 - Wall Vases

Here are images of my latest wall vases. They all use the anthurium flower as the silhouette. I will be selling them at the Bits and Pieces Craft Fair.

This first vase uses a tapering bud vase as the base. I used recycled copper wire, some teal resin coated copper wire and green beads. The wire work is mostly close weave with a few areas of more open weave.

For this second vase, I used another tapered bud vase as the base with recycled copper wire and some bead work at the base. The wirework is mostly close weave.

This third vase uses a short round bud vase as the base. Again the main material is recycled copper wire. Some areas are close weave and I made some hammered spirals as a detail. There is some scant beadwork on the base.

This fourth vase is built around a short round bud vase. I combined close wrapping with open spaces and hammered spirals

The fifth vase is again built around a short round bud vase. The wirework is more open weave and there is a little more bead work with blue beads. 

The sixth vase is built around a short round vase. I have used only wire and no bead work here. The wire work is close weave, open weave and hammered spirals.

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