Friday, 19 February 2010

Costumed Self Portrait Series-Doux Doux

This piece, entitled Doux Doux, was made around 1990 - 91. This group of photographs were my first attempts at the self portrait series using the self timer on my camera. I shot the pictures in 35 mm black and white. The latter 2 images were printed on fibre based paper and manipulated after printing. I dyed and hand toned the actual print with Colorvir dyes.

Doux Doux is patois (French Creole Language) slang for sweetie, a term of endearment used for little girls, young women or loved ones. This was the first time that I was performing the personality of the costume. I wanted the costume and poses to convey girlish charm.

The costume was inspired by a waxed paper flower that my grandmother had made. The flower was made of crepe paper and then dipped in wax. This inspired me to make many flowers, some were made like anthuriums. I used tissue paper, copper wire, coloured telephone wire. The dress grew out of the pile of flowers. I wanted the dress to be both pretty and uncomfortable. With this series of Costumed self portraits, I wanted to put forward the idea that the costumes are stereotypes or roles that we women perform unwillingly at times.

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